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  • Tape is EASY to remove with alcohol - NO OIL!
  • No more sticky, gooey residue
  • No more washing the clients hair before reapplication
  • New adhesive can be applied to Tape Extensions and Reapplied Immediately

With over 35 years as professional hair stylists, specializing in high quality Human Hair Extensions, WE KNOW HAIR EXTENSIONS.

Recently we have had a lot of people asking if we ever sale our private stock of, custom ordered, Tape In, Vanity Hair Extensions to anyone other than our personal clients and Salon.

So we have placed an extra stock of Tape-In Hair Extensions that you can purchase and experience the level of quality for yourself.

  • 22" Tape-in Hair Extensions
  • European Virgin Cuticle Hair (Lasts over a year)
  • Natural Wavy Texture
  • Double Drawn
  • German Adhesive (easily removes with just alcohol - No Gooey Sticky Residue to deal with - No need to wash and dry hair when reinstalled (professionally) at maintenance)
  • The Hair is packaged in standard 10 piece packs (5 sandwich sections)
  • The hair weight per pack is just over 25 grams per pack

*these extensions must be installed and maintained by a licensed hair professional