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10 FAQs about Caring for Hair After a Salon Visit

1. Q: Is there an ideal water temperature for washing your hair to keep it health / shiny / manageable? A: Use warm water for shampoo, and if possible, after conditioning use a cool rinse.  This will close the cuticle and seal your hair. 2. Q: How does water quality affect hair health and would you recommend a shower head filter? A: Absolutely.  The less minerals in your water, the better off you are.  Try to find products that have the minerals removed from the products. Often times it's referred to as deionized water. 3: Q: How often should you shampoo your hair? Condition? Deep Condition? A: If you color treat your hair, shampooing less is preferable (a few times...

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The Real Deal: Secrets to Undetectable Extensions

If there is one salon service that’s trending right now, it’s hair extensions. More clients than ever before are realizing that the longer, thicker hair of their inner hottie is actually achievable with the help of a good brand of hair extensions, like Vanity Hair Extensions and a talented stylist.

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Extend the Life of Your Hair Extensions

Done right, extensions can completely transform your look!   With so much potential, it's important that you know exactly how to maintain these luscious locks. CareBecause Hair Extensions are not connected to your scalp, they’re not subjected to the natural oil that secretes from the scalp, so it's not necessary to shampoo them as frequently as you shampoo natural hair.  Like a great pair of jeans, washing them only when necessary helps  keep them looking fantastic, longer.      1. Before shampooing, gently remove all tangles. If hair is excessively tangled, a spray-on conditioner should be used.2. Always use a mild, professional-grade shampoo, such as those specifically formulated for chemically treated hair. 3. Place a small amount of shampoo on your fingers, gently work the shampoo into the...

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